Network operators frequently struggle to keep their network monitoring systems synchronized with their network inventory system; a problem sometimes called “as built versus as designed”.
Customer Care organizations require rapid access to customer and network data to troubleshoot customer issues. This data can be difficult to find, challenging to capture and often requires cleansing or reformatting to be meaningful and actionable.
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) often lease network capacity from other providers to expand their network coverage or provide new or improved network services for their customers.
Network operators face a myriad of challenges monitoring the health of equipment, systems and circuits that collectively form the infrastructure used by their customers.
Enterprises depend on accurate data feeding their management reporting systems to understand the relative health of the organization, identify potential risk before negative events occur and optimize business processes.
Corporate acquisitions and mergers are justified in large part on the planned cost savings from consolidating redundant systems, processes, and procedures. But often, the financial savings are slow to materialize because platform consolidation is much harder than many companies expect.