Telecom Analytics Use Case
Problem Statement We See:
Providers have many data sources from which to draw data from. Normally multiple silos that do not necessarily share data yet rely on other groups to drive new product rollout or support of already deployed platforms. Data that is pertinent to other siloed busines units normally is not used in an outage or deployment situation. This leads to a very disconnected approach to implementations and support situations. Carriers struggle with taking data from multiple systems and connecting to other verticals and making that data actionable. This would include using that data to drive efficiencies across all business units to reduce cost and other product deployment efforts.
ETL and Data Migration tools Sincera
How Sincera solves the problem:
Sincera has a highly integrated and customizable technology that connects with those mission critical element management systems, inventory systems, ticketing systems, and other supplementary systems to bring real time event data, inventory, customer, and network data together and enables the NOC, call centers, and fix agents to see what happened, when, and where, with the appropriate data to bring actionable and salient data to internal business units to restore services with the least amount of time with the most accurate data. The platform has been built to allow the owner to either use the ability Sincera has in the telecom and other industries to build the connects or the user can build connectors using our Phyton based architecture to a multitude of ability with connection into most all systems that the company may have assuming published APIs. We then take the data, through our strong rules engine, help the customer normalize them and store them in the database of the customer’s choice. Once that is complete, we can help the customer expose that data to a multitude of internal or external customers.
Carriers can connect to various systems using Sincera’s open technology and bring data from various sources together, layer on a flexible rule engine to have the system handle data in the manner the customer wants, then act on that data to create new outcomes or change outcomes allowing the customer to realize savings and revenue opportunities using the data the system provides. An example of this is a large carrier uses Sincera’s platform to determine circuits provided by TYPE 2 carriers and the confirmation of them being disconnected against the network saying the carrier millions in credits.
Data Platform Modernization sincera