Sincera Consulting’s NICE platform sets new benchmarks in data standardisation

The telecom industry has always been the torchbearer of transformation across multiple dimensions. The huge investments materialised by telecom players are catalyzing a shift in information and capital flows across the global economy, giving rise to new revenue streams and business models.

Understanding data standardization
Data standardization involves the transformation of data into a consistent and usable format. A telecom enterprise leverages a ton of different applications and each of these tools possesses a different structure for storing data.

This coupled with human errors concludes in data inconsistencies including invalid entries, irregular punctuation, use of special characters etc. While many enterprises practice stringent manual checks for data rectification, the process consumes significant work hours of human
resources. This demands for a cutting-edge solution for seamless data standardization.

The Network Information Compliance Engine (NICE) platform developed by Sincera Consulting locates data, streamlines it in a familiar grid interface, recognises potential invalid data, and suggests the best approach to rectify it. Furthermore it keeps a track of the user’s interaction
and offers real-time feedback to the enterprise to facilitate the user in better validation of data.

The solution utilizes a large pool of data generated in a telecom enterprise including network data, customer data and billing data via a sequence of interactions. This results in unprecedented efficiency and saving of substantial productive hours. The platform also synchronises IT and business processes with a common platform defining the analytical requirements and executing them.

Delivers true business value to your enterprise
Some of the unprecedented benefits which NICE furnishes to your telecom enterprise include-:

Improved decision making: Automation of data standardization by deploying business rules to make your decisions..

Acknowledge your data: Identify potential data inaccuracy issues like non-printable characters, missing data, mixed numbers, and letters, etc. swiftly.

Enhanced operational efficiency: Standardize your data within a point-and-click interface to minimize resource allocation and oversight.
Seamless data migration: Ensure the success of your data migration initiative by standardizing source, target data and mappings.

Increased marketing Return on Investment: Standardize your CRM data for personalized marketing and optimized communication deliverability.

Built-in libraries: Seamlessly recognise and match state names, abbreviations, cities, postal codes, nicknames, and other demographic data.

Automate tedious tasks: Perform repetitive actions including removal of special characters or matching names by pronunciation with just a click of a button

Unmatched scalability: Instinctively import popular formats and sources to rectify and enrich without the requirement of any technical expertise
Leveraging NICE, telecom operators can garner inputs from multiple data points and synthesize it utilizing a rule-based engine and to identify exceptions and data peculiarities.

~Some other salient features of NICE include~

● Recognize inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, and non-standardized data
● A fully customizable rules engine
● Data import and export adaptors for varied network data sources
● User-friendly interface
● Run time statistics with data quality KPIs
● Standard and custom reporting
● Micro services architecture

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