Integrate, Analyze and Act on your Data. Outcome Now. Outcome Confidence.

One platform to manage and act on all your data with data driven rules and automation of your data workflows.

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What is NICE and how it works
A modern, flexible data platform to meet the demands of the modern business
Sincera data management
Open up your data silos and leverage your data for maximum value with NICE a low-code, no-code data management platform.
NICE allows customers to ingest data from multiple sources, analyze the data using user defined business rules and then take user defined actions according to the outcome you want.
NICE Components


Ingest or send data from databases, API’s, files or messages by building or re-using connectors.


Connector Studio to create and reuse     connectors
Multiple options for data access and     distribution
Distributed architecture for      performance and reliability


Create and reuse rules for analysis and action based on your business knowledge


Drop-down rule creation similar to      Excel
Create complex rules logic in multiple      scripting languages
Reusable Rules Library


String simple or complex flows of data, events, rules to get the outcome you want


Point-and-click data workflows      implementation
On-demand and/or scheduled      execution
Distributed architecture for      performance and reliability

Data Dictionary

Know and track what data is being used for what purpose and with what rules

Data Dictionary

Data Filed Inventory from source      systems
Track where the data is coming from      and how it is being used
Track business rules associated with      different data fields

Exception Management

Track and manage any data exceptions to a successful resolution automatically or manually

Exception Management

Identify data exceptions with detailed      root-cause
Auto-Fix exceptions or assign to users
User assignment and tracking to     operationalize fallout management s


Operate with insight track metrics for your use case to know where and what improvements can be made for better ROI.


Manage your data quality operations      with metrics
Easily monitor usage, data quality,      exception handling rates and      everything in between
Use the data visualization tool of your      choice.
Use Cases
Solving your data challenges
Bad data risks business. Inefficient data management hurts business. With NICE you can manage and implement a range of use cases, reusing software and knowhow. Lower cost. Accelerate results.
Data Lakes and Data Warehouses
Data Distribution
The right tools for the right people

 Different stakeholders have different needs. NICE caters to each user’s unique needs, improving outcomes!

Application Designer

Design solutions with NICE Designer Studio. Easily create connectors, rules, workflows and more

Data Architect

Know and track what enterprise data is being used for what purpose. Facilitate reuse and data governance practices


Manage users, permissions and system operational configurations

Business Owner

Track usage, metrics and other results that are important for measuring outcomes and ROI

End User

Runs use cases manually if needed, and manages those exceptions that cannot be fixed automatically.

NICE has delivered savings and operational benefits in record time to our customers

In some cases, Sincera has done full implementation of the platform and in some, the customer has implemented or modified their own business rules and connectors. Leveraging the skills of Sincera, Your internal staff or other Service providers, Customers have multiple options to get results rapidly and cost effectively.