On Edge: IoT and the Changing Landscape of the Cloud

As technology continues to change rapidly across many verticals, companies and consumers alike continue to react with both excitement and natural hesitation. While many see the opportunity and practicality of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are also businesses that overlook the competitive edge that can be gained by improving their ease of connectivity and utilizing new technological advancements.

Change, especially in this technological sense, should be both welcomed and encouraged. IoT isn’t a fad that should be disregarded but is instead, the future and soon-to-be business norm for networking and managing clients. All companies should begin to embrace the functionality and enjoy the benefits of cloud-based networks as this new technology enables companies to gain a significant competitive advantage over competitors in their respective industries.

Given the rapid growth and widespread implementation of IoT, industries must now shift focus and reevaluate their sales and marketing tactics to align with the new consumer demands. In other words, the telecom industry, along with most others, will need to not only adapt, but do so quickly.

The Rapid Growth of IoT

While many of the general concerns about the adoption of cloud-based technologies is centered around the fear of job replacement, the rapid growth of IoT-based tech will actually result in the opposite. Researchers expect there to be 8.4 billion IoT-connected machines in use around the world within the next year. Of those devices, 3.2 billion will likely be applied in a business context. The Centre for Economics and Business Research, in conjunction with the tech firm SAS, says that by 2020, big data and IoT adoption alone will account for nearly 200,000 new jobs.

If companies embrace these changes with enthusiasm and determination, this global economic shift could translate into an abundance of new opportunities for the development of new talent and for businesses to become leaders in their industries.

Making Old Tech New Again

While the immersion and implementation of IoT has allowed for the creation of many new products, the utilization of cloud-based software applications are also allowing for a resurrection of old technology. Although we see new IoT machines emerge in great quantities, it’s important to recognize that IoT has a place in traditional business settings and practices and only requires a simple and slight adaptation to various operating systems.

Today, for example, traditional hardware can be transitioned to suit IoT purposes. Accordingly, special alterations in existing technology allow for the required connectivity to obtain information which provides better insights and caters to a more customer-centric consumer base. One example of such alteration is evident when reviewing the Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI) platform. The EAI platform, which helps users develop, integrate, and enhance emerging database and networking capabilities, allows for such IoT adaptations and capabilities. By expanding on its traditional features, this platform now enables its users to harness the power of other cloud based technologies and IoT-focused devices to improve upon analytic capabilities

What the Changing Landscape of IoT Means for Telecom Services Providers

Telecom services providers, like many other companies, will have to adapt to the changing technological landscape. These companies will have to develop processes and proficiencies to stay competitive in the modern world to remain profitable and relevant. This means that telecom providers must rise to the occasion and shift their focus to creating a seamless experience for the customer that is in line with the ease of using highly connected IoT devices and products.

Customer convenience and the speed at which information is received are now paramount in the minds of consumers. Therefore, adaptation to the changing landscape will mean utilizing cloud-based technology to help customers stay connected. As an example, telecom companies
can harness IoT to create a better customer experience by using the emerging technology to monitor and manage usage patterns. Through predictive analytics, telecommunications providers can potentially avoid network outages during data surges like those that happen during sporting events. The utilization of IoT also enables telecom companies to improve upon the user experience by optimizing a company’s bandwidth. This optimization will not only reduce the number of dropped calls, but also greatly improve download times.

Wrap Up

The implementation of IoT projects can seem overwhelming to a company not currently employing customer-centric, connectivity-focused software applications. While it’s difficult to predict the future with complete certainty, one can surmise that IoT will play a major role in shaping the market place and how consumers interact with companies. For that reason, it is recommended that companies shift their focus and embrace cloud-based technology to remain a key player in their respective industry.

Navigating the complex world of IoT devices and connectivity can be a daunting task for a company not currently well-versed in the matter. We recommend seeking help from the experienced team at Sincera Consulting. As a managed network services provider that’s been in the telecom industry since 2003, we understand the intricacies of IoT and can bridge the gap between software and solutions for you and your clients. Contact us to learn more about meeting the needs of your modern consumer base.

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