NICE Implementation Engagement Model

Use NICE to identify and correct inconsistent and non-standardized data

2-4 weeks of effort to demonstrate NICE specific application with access to customer’s SMEs and limited data set from appropriate sources with knowledge transfer to customer

Testing in customer pre-production environment and sizing/specification of production environment

Continuous reporting and monitoring of data quality metrics with adjustment to rules or data management workflow as needed

Enterprise Data Governance

Monitor and enforce of data standards and quality criteria across the enterprise.

Data Standardization

Data cleansing and rule-based standardization

Data Correction

Identifying and fixing discrepancies and incorrect data.

Business Event Monitoring and Actions

Reconcile and fix data discrepancies across one or more systems.

Quickly create rules

Trigger rules and validates on occurrence of business event

Extract and correlate data

Extract, correlate data across multiple systems in support of BI/Analytic functions

Rules based Data Synchronization and Migration

Data migration (ETL) and synchronization across systems based on pre-defined rules

Enable Insights

Gain access to insights on business operations based on data trends using ML

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