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Frequent changes in business processes lead to data quality issues. Enterprises domineering need a platform to identify and correct inconsistent and non-standardized data.

Sincera’s Network Information Compliance Engine (NICE) helps network operators leverage, embrace define and retrieve sets of data from multiple sources.

Using the state-of-the-art rule-based engine, NICE helps uncover exceptions and data anomalies for different use cases.

NICE for Business Teams
NICE For Enterprise
NICE for Product Teams
NICE For Data Teams
NICE enables organizations to take rapid, data-driven actions and decisions to maximize operational efficiency by creating dependable and reliable data

A set of microservices that retrieve or send specific data
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Enables setting up of simple or complex data operations
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Intelligent Rules Engine

Provides a framework for users to define rules that can analyze data
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Development Toolkit

Allows users to easily and rapidly configure connections to any data source.
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We create new potential

NICE opens a world of insights that gives your business the benefit of –

  • Process efficiencies and High ROI (OpEx and CapEx)
  • Non-intrusive overlay software application
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of network data quality
  • Early detection of data corruption and root causes
  • Enables system integration and process automation
  • Minimizes fallouts due to data errors
  • Database technology agnostic
  • Flexible, customizable to meet customers’ needs
Simple, yet effective

NICE easy to use interface makes it easy yet impactful-

  • Identify inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, and non-standardized data
  • A fully customizable rules engine
  • Data import and export adaptors for various network data sources
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Run time statistics with data quality KPIs
  • Standard and Custom Reporting
  • Microservices architecture
NICE Components

Enterprise Data Governance

Enterprise Process Workflow

Reconciliation Across Systems

Data Integration & Aggregation

Data Standardization

Data Synchronization and Migration

Insights and Analytics

Data Warehouse & Data Lakes

Use Cases
Network Data Standardization
Inventory Data Reconciliation
Network Managed Service
Circuit Provisioning Tool
Technology Integrations

A non-intrusive overlay software application, NICE is database technology agnostic and can retrieve data from a variety of data sources.

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Ability to monitor and enforce data standards and quality criteria from different systems such as billing, CRM, ERP etc.

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Ability to identify a number of network devices which in turn is useful for mapping inventory system data.

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Did you know, NICE has been helping telcos since 2003.

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