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Sincera's custom inventory management stack automates mapping of your physical inventory.
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In a hyper competitive market place, telecommunication service providers face intense pressure to deliver quality services to end customers, which depends on the quality of data. At Sincera, we provide a range of products and solutions that help in automating your data accuracy.

With our flagship product, NICE, telecom service providers can define and retrieve sets of data from multiple sources and process them using a rule-based engine to uncover exceptions and data anomalies. The non-compliant data can then be processed by the defined export services for data correction.

Test Data Management

Identify and correct inconsistent, incomplete and non-standardized data.
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Data Warehouse

Aggregate data into a central data warehouse based on user-defined rules.
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Data Migration

Data migration and synchronization across systems based on pre-defined rules.
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Data Integration

Enforce data standards and convert it into standard data formats.
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Key benefits

For ensuring data quality, Sincera can help telecom service providers in the following areas:

Enterprise Data Governance

Monitor and enforce of data standards and quality criteria across the enterprise

Data Standardization and Correction

Data cleansing and rule-based standardization e.g. in Inventory system; Identifying and fixing discrepancies and incorrect data

Reconciliation and Rationalization Across Systems

Reconcile and fix data discrepancies across one or more systems

Business Event Monitoring and Actions

Trigger rules and validates on occurrence of business event- e.g. Check device configurations, CRM information upon order completion

Rules based Data Synchronization and Migration

Data migration (ETL) and synchronization across systems based on pre-defined rules

Enabling Insights and Analytics

Extract, correlate data across multiple systems in support of BI/Analytic functions; Gain access to insights on business operations based on data trends using ML

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Some of the key areas where telecom service providers have gained by using NICE include:
  • Automated way of cleaning and standardization of data
  • Access to accurate network information
  • Improved acceleration in the ability to provision new services
  • Improved capacity planning and customer satisfaction
  • Reducing time to provision
Technology Integrations

A non-intrusive overlay software application, NICE is database technology agnostic and can retrieve data from a variety of data sources.

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Ability to monitor and enforce data standards and quality criteria from different systems such as billing, CRM, ERP etc.

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Ability to identify a number of network devices which in turn is useful for mapping inventory system data.

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Did you know, NICE has been helping telcos since 2003.

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